Worn Gaskets

Are your Worn Gaskets Costing You Money?

Door Gaskets save energy as they reduce the loss of cold air and infiltration of warm air into all your refrigeration units but even more for walk-in boxes. Typical customer paybacks are as fast as 6 months with annual savings of $330. Savings will vary depending on current equipment and usage patterns. Door Gasket annual savings are based on installation of gaskets on 2 walk-in box doorways.

Some reasons why worn gaskets cost a lot of money: a typical refrigeration compressor only uses 4 amps of energy to run but uses 14 amps to start.  When a gasket is worn the compressor “short cycles”; it starts, runs a few minutes to get the unit back-down to temperature and then shuts off, this cycle repeats many times a day.  This is even more apparent when the store is closed possibly 4 times an hour instead one. Look at all your gaskets and replace any that are hard, torn, cracked or missing. A refrigerator gasket must seal completely to be effective, and remember, you’re not trying to keep the cold air in you’re trying to keep the hot humid kitchen air out!  When you factor in the cost of replacing a compressors maybe half as often; it becomes clear that replacing your worn gaskets not only saves you a lot of money but is a smart business decision.