Efficiency Standards Program – ESP

GoGasketGo is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and services that keeps your kitchen equipment operating at peak efficiency. GoGasketGo’s “Efficiency Standards Program” is designed to identify when equipment gaskets and hardware are not to “Standard” and require replacement.

When gaskets or hardware are at or below this “Standard” replacement is required:

  • Gaskets: Tear(s) of 3 inches, magnet showing, gasket is torn through or not functioning
  • Walk-in door closers: Closer does not consistently close the door completely
  • Walk-in Latches/door handles: Latches that are broken or not functioning
  • Walk-in Sweeps: 1/8 inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the sweep or parts of the sweep are missing or deteriorated
  • Walk-in Door Alignment: Door does not close due to an obstruction caused by misalignment
  • Walk-in strip-curtains: Missing strips, a 2 inch tear or strips 2 inches short of the floor New Customer Discount Code: Mr. Cool
  • Hinges: Broken in any way or not functioning

By maintaining these minimum efficiency standards you will keep food temperatures more consistent and save energy by limiting the run-time of your refrigeration compressors.

Your GoGasketGo representative will perform routine inspections every 6 months and it is agreed that if the gaskets and hardware do not meet these minimum standeards they will be replaced.  By enrolling your company in the Efficiency Standards Program you will receive Free hinge and closer hardware adjustments and receive an additional program discount!

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