The Company

GoGasketGo LLC has become the Go> 2 source for refrigeration gaskets and door hardware in the greater Kansas City area. Quality products, quick order turnaround all in combination with superior customer service are the hallmarks of GoGasketGo.

Our seamless process begins with a thorough inspection and documentation of all door gaskets and associated hardware followed by an on -site computer generated quotation. You have our price before we leave! GoGasketGo gaskets are then skillfully installed, fresh from manufacturing and into the installer’s vehicle, never folded into a box. These simple and cost effective practices make GoGasketGo the choice provider for many of Kansas City’s finest establishments and nationally respected chains.

Listen to what the Chef’s say – – –

Innovation, customer relationships and providing gaskets to your satisfaction is what you receive with each and every gasket, each and every order, each and every time. Save time. Save energy. Save money. Go with GoGasketGo.

We look forward to providing you with the best service possible. Give us a call.